Who the heck are we?

Hey everyone, we are Why Not, we are an indie screamo punk metal core (nope) band from Minnesota. We are all high school students that just love music! Whether that be making it, listening to it, or any other type of love for music you can think of. 

We all started playing together as a band late summer of the year 2015. At the time we had the idea of being a progressive metal band, and eventually over the course of a year we found our sound, which ended up being nowhere near a progressive metal sound. We now make a sort of indie rock combined with math rock elements combined with punk. Here we are now, making music and sharing it with you guys.


Above images by Robin Heil and Maia Jacobson

Above images by Robin Heil and Maia Jacobson

But WHO the heck are we

Isaac: I guess you could say Isaac was the original mastermind behind the band, starting it with the intention of it being a progressive rock/metal band. After realizing that was a terrible idea he started writing songs with an indie rock flavor spiced up with a math rock pizzaz and a punk rock angst.  This would become the backbone of what we are today. He recruited Josh and Henry to join him on this magical journey in 2015. He lives in the beautiful city of Minneapolis and loves to play guitar. Some of his main influences are Pavement, Tera Melos, and Yo la Tengo to name just a few.

Josh: Josh grew up in St Paul, Minnesota (still lives there in fact) and plays the drums almost all day every day. This man is a straight up beast on the drums, taking inspiration from a wide variety of drummers, whether that be Brann Dailor of Mastodon, Bill Bruford of Yes, or even Thomas Pridgen of The Mars Volta (and if you are ever wondering, you can safely assume that yes, TMV is his favorite band). Some of his favorite bands/musical artists consist of Bjork, Ween, Beach House, Haim, Hot Chip and not The Mars Volta. His favorite genre is easily progressive rock, and his favorite ice cream flavor, is easily cookies and cream.

Henry: Like a wandering minstrel, Henry's lyrics spring forth from the abyss like a shimmer of light. Henry is a special fella with a knack for writing riffs and lyrics. He strums tha bass (and occasional geetar) like he's swinging the mighty hammer of Thor. Henry now lives in the great metropolis known as St. Paul, Minnesota. His biggest musical influences come from the great works of Nickelback, Creed, and he draws lyrical influence from one of his ALL TIME FAVORITE BANDS...