city pages: "Teen Rockers Why Not Aren't Waiting For Answers" written by Jerard Fagerberg

"And so Why Not was christened. A band name picked with no second thought to marketing or Googleability. Blunt enough to mean nothing and anything at the same time. A little snot-nosed, a little capricious, and the perfect emblem for a band of teenagers piecing together their ethos as they go. 

“It finds a way to be underlyingly cohesive,” Dell says. “We just have this need to be unique and keep experimenting.”"


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the current: "The garage's annual ugly sweater party to spotlight teen bands on the rise" written by maia jacobson

"Why Not (Isaac Dell, Henry Breen, Joshua MacGregor), an “indie-math-punk rock” three-piece from St. Paul, just dropped their first full-length, not something many 15- and 16-year-olds can say. They express an overwhelming love for the Twin Cities music scene, citing the community and diversity as huge benefits."


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the current: "why not: high school band turn their young age into an asset" written by maia jacobson

"Why Not are a local band made up entirely of teenagers who are way cooler than I could have ever hoped to be when I was in high school. Joshua MacGregor, Isaac Dell, and Henry Breen make a self-described indie-math-punk rock sound that has earned them a supportive fanbase and a special place in the Minneapolis music community." 


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